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Who We Are

We are a national consulting firm focused on helping educational and youth development organizations. The Equity Collaborative specializes in working with schools, school districts, and youth development non-profits.

We support equitable learning environments and communities through a practice that uses listening and coaching as the two primary tools to support people’s efforts to change. Our team strives to bring a deep knowledge of school systems, from the classroom level to the central office.

With offices in North Carolina and California, The Equity Collaborative is available to assist schools, school systems, and youth-serving non-profits across the United States and internationally.

What We Do

Our goal is to help organizations develop their own capacity to create educational equity and social justice by addressing bias and oppression.

Tackling bias and oppression requires solutions beyond the technical approaches of implementing policies and “best” practices.

We believe that any lasting reform begins with a “whole system” view with integrated technical and relational approaches to change.

We work at every level of the system to best understand all of the stakeholders in the community and ensure alignment of purpose and action toward equitable outcomes.

The Equity Collaborative is unique beyond our experience as educators, coaches, and professional developers. We offer a highly effective and pressure-tested approach to adult learning that promotes

  • high levels of engagement among participants
  • intrinsic motivation to change
  • adoption of new mindsets, beliefs, and values that facilitate shifts in behavior and practice, and
  • capacity-building among leaders, coaches, and teachers in the skills that seed sustainable organizational change.

The Equity Collaborative focuses on building new capacities in the people and teams that comprise the system.

Equity coaching is the only practice I have seen that addresses multiple domains that impact our work as educators.  Jamie was instrumental in helping us develop a coaching model that assists teachers as they examine and further develop their moral and emotional commitment to all students, while improving their relationship with students and their knowledge and use of instructional best practices.  As a result, our teachers trust their coaches and are adjusting their teaching methods in an attempt to meet their student’s needs.  They feel empowered and know they can change to help their students become more successful.

Rob Metz, Superintendent St. Louis Park Public Schools

We hired Graig to help us with program development for our mentoring agencies. His articulate and sensitive communication style added a great deal of value to all of our discussions. At all times, he was aware and respectful of process and culture; he created an inclusive environment in which difficult conversations could be conducted. Graig is an intelligent and insightful facilitator and trainer, one who I trust to achieve results within budget and on time. I would hire him again and again.

—Karen Shaver, Vice President, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Our staff have taught in diverse public schools, designed and led schools, and offered innovative professional development and coaching services for a combined 35+ years.

We have a broad network of content experts with whom we subcontract as needed to ensure that every piece of the contract is delivered with unqualified expertise and precision.