The Students’ Six are strategies for culturally relevant teaching. The strategies themselves are drawn from research-based teaching strategies that have been proven effective with students of color. A group of high school students identified which six strategies they wanted teachers to utilize. Now a cohort of high school students are teaching teachers how to utilize these strategies in their classrooms. The strategies can be applied to relationships, pedagogy, curriculum, and classroom management.

The Students’ Six videos were produced by the School Improvement Network.  This YouTube playlist has the two Student Six demonstration videos as well as full length interviews with the students.

Two high school facilitators from our Students’ Six workshops were asked to give keynote speeches at the 2013 School Improvement and Innovation Summit. You can see them online here:

Here’s a nice article from KQED’s Mind/Shift blog about how the Students’ Six was developed and used in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The materials below are shared during the Students’ Six Workshop:

One external support for this work is this Resource for Equitable Classroom Practices from Montgomery County Public Schools.